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The three books I have written and the FREE PDF's on this web site offer information and techniques to help you heal and expand your conscious awareness.


True 'healing' takes place primarily at the spiritual, emotional and mental levels. Physical problems (symptoms) sometimes spontaneously disappear. We 'cure' physical problems at the physical level using means such as prescription medicines, supplements, surgery, diet and other modalities. If we are 'cured' without 'healing' will the same or another problem come back if we ignore dealing with the spiritual and energetic components?

The first book, Two Choices - Divine LOVE Or Anything Else, is primarily about choices, how to recognize them, and how to strengthen your connection to Divinity/God/Great Spirit.

The second book, Awareness - A Path To Spiritual And Physical Health And Well-Being, expands upon Choices and has a large section devoted to physical health.

The third book, Concepts And Practices Of Healing, is an offering of research I have done and techniques I have used while I discovered my own methods of healing and changing my perceptions of life.


Nutrition, natural life styles, exercise, proper sleep and common sense are important parts of the whole.

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