"I have been using the daily prayers from Two Choices for about a year now. This daily practice of awareness and gratitude has shifted my subconscious and opened up my world in so many ways. I have come into inner peace and much greater awareness of and surrender to the flow of The Divine within and in All That Is. Try using these prayers every day, and see what happens for you!
J.M., healer, Sedona, AZ" December, 2012


“I was first introduced to Two Choices about a year and a half ago.  The information, tools, and prayers will definitely help you on your spiritual path of awareness.  It allows you to get in touch with, and in harmony with, your Divine nature, and gives you the tools you need to stay focused and balanced as you allow Spirit to guide you to integrating your highest level of self, so that eventually, you walk completely in the Love and Light of All That Is…enjoy the journey! May God bless and keep you.”
Ari L., Sedona, AZ
January, 2013

The concept of Two Choices provides a very positive constructive outlook, and is very purifying to the heart and soul.  When we rethink our words and thoughts following the Two Choices, we rebuild our reality, we find our strength and responsibility to ourselves and the universe around us. I recommend this for everyone who wishes to connect with the divine that is a part of us all.
Angelique L., Florida
January, 2013

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