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Exercises, Meditations and Prayers

From Two Choices

Exercise to connect lovingly to your Unihipili (subconscious)

Prayer Basics and Main Great Spirit Prayer

Tool 2: Daily Check to make sure you are clear and connected to Great Spirit and LOVE

Prayers from Tool 2: Daily Check made into a prayer

The Easiest Way To Relax Yourself and The Thought Extinguishing Exercise Before Bed

Prayer: Clearing, Filling and Surrounding Yourself With Divine LOVE and LIGHT

Prayer: When You Feel You Are Being Affected, Influenced Or Manipulated By, Or Interfered With By A Person Or Being

Prayer: Manifesting and Moving Forward

Prayer: My Relations

Prayer: Wisdom and Peace

From Awareness

Exercise to connect lovingly to your Unihipili (subconscious)

Exercise: Emotion Code Clearing

Exercise: Clearing by Entering The Witness

Tooth to Organs, Emotions and More - Chart with Tables (more complete than in book)

From Concepts And Practices

Prayer: A good prayer to say before any healing or journeying

Metatron's Meditation for cellular healing and a Meditation for DNA Activation And Re-Patterning - Works On The Physical and Non-Physical Levels With The Subconscious

Bus Trip Meditation - A short exercise to integrate your other Selfs

Prayers made up from tool 8 in Two Choices: Divine LOVE or Anything Else

Sending Entities Into The Light

FREE PDF's - Self Reflection Questions

Self Reflection - Questions To Ask Yourself
(Simplified and Combined from the Following Three Tables)

Self Reflection and Questions To Ask Yourself Tables -UNIHIPILI ADDED
(from Awareness)

Questions You May Want To Ask Yourself (Self) Tables -UNIHIPILI ADDED
(from Concepts and Practices))

Questions to assist in pinpointing a prompt Tables - UNIHIPILI ADDED
(from Concepts and Practices)

Other free PDF's from information I have gathered

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die Worksheet


Copper; Silver; Zinc and Lemon Water to Kill All Harmful Bacteria, Parasites and Viruses; Zinc and Lemon Water To Inhibit Infection and Raise Body PH

Minerals and Enzymes - Excellent Information

Foods that contain Oxalic acid.
It combines with other substances to form various salts. if their concentration is high enough some may precipitate out in crystalline form. Such tiny crystals of these salts can be irritating to human tissue, especially to the stomach, the kidneys, and the bladder. It is commonly believed that oxalates contribute to the formation of kidney and bladder stones; one common nutrient with which oxalic acid combines is calcium, making the salt calcium oxalate. Some have argued that by readily combining with calcium, oxalic acid in the diet reduces one's effective intake of dietary calcium.

Foods that contain high levels of Purine.
Besides gout, elevated uric acid is related to a variety of other health conditions, including; Diabetes, High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Kidney disease and Heart disease.You CAN address the underlying cause of excess uric acid formation via all natural means. Avoid foods high in Purine and High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Both can wreck your uric acid levels, putting you at high risk of gout.

Foods that Contain high levels of Thiocyanate.
Thiocyanate can cause thyroid dysfunction. It inhibits Iodine metabolism and yet is very important to have. Unless you have an Iodine deficiency or Thyroid problems it probably is fine in food. Thiocyanate is a must have substance if one is dealing with the challenge of sickle cell anemia. Because

Extensive Food List from Blood Type Diet.
Sorted by category and food name. Note that GMO foods are noted as such, including meat, dairy, fish and poultry that are typically fed GMO feeds unless they are organic.

Celandine, Yerba Santa and Plantain:
For for Hemorrhoids, Infections, Warts, Uterine Fibroids; Plus Energetic/Spirit uses of Celandine and Yerba Santa.

Celandine - More Detailed Information

Bees and Bee Hives

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