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Glenn Molinari was born in Wilmington, Delaware on April 17, 1948. Until 1954, his family lived in Southern New Jersey, at which time the family moved to the suburbs just outside Wilmington. Glenn served our Country in the Air Force from 1968 to 1972. After having been honorably discharged, he moved back to Delaware and in 1996 moved in with his father on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

In 1997, Glenn became involved with alternative medicine to address personal health issues that Western Medicine had been unable to diagnose or to cure. While Glenn was learning about alternative therapies and the Body/Mind/Spirit connections, he remained at his father's side as caregiver until 2007. He moved to Cornville, Arizona, just south of Sedona, in 2008, where he resides today.
Glenn continues his interest in alternative healing modalities and connection to Spirit.

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About Glenn

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